Table Clock

The new Replica Panerai Table Clock is 65mm large which looks like a large pocket watch.This table clock is placed on a round base of brushed steel. You see the " Officine Panerai" on the side of this clock. The yellow hour markers are engraved in the black dial. And the "Radiomir","8 days" also carved in the dial.A luminescent plate that is placed behind the dial, shines through openings in the dial, resulting in a very legible table clock, which makes it easy to read the time even under the poorest lighting conditions.

If you are looking for a special table clock, then the Replica Panerai Table Clock should be your firsr choice. It is cool and unique, right?  Anyway, this Replica Panerai Table Clock is beautiful and elegant. This website is also sell this table clock, why don't you move your mouse and click into our website?

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