Marina Manual Wind

Panerai was founded in 1860. Guido Panerai, the founder’s grandson, inherited the business and became the official supplier of timing instruments to the Royal Italian Navy in the 1890s. The Luminor Marina is from Panerai’s Historic Collection, and is the company’s most recognizable watch.

A strong point of Panerai of Luminor and Marina must be remembered in the heart of Panerai Replica collector. Replica Panerai created a numbered series in a limited editon of models: Luminor and Marina. Panerai Luminor Marina Manual Wind Replica watch is installed in a 44mm case, which contains Panerai classic dial, it consists of big Arabic numbers and hour markers, they are filled with great luminescence that makes the watch still clearly readable in dark place.

The replica Panerai Marina Manual Wind is an amazingly cool and desirable watch for many reasons. First and foremost, because it selectively features the core-essence DNA of the replica Panerai Luminor Marina Chrono. Many of the details on the Panerai Luminor Marina Power Reserve Replica are really elegant and perfect, which is certainly become the quintessential trademark replica Panerai. Replica Luminor Marina Watch features metal bracelet and stainless Steel, which can perfect fit your wrist and wear comfortable.

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