2009 Ice Bang II

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The Hublot Ice Bang II replica watch is 44mm in diamester and covered by a Miccroblasted Black Ceramic. The case was cocvered by a crystal saphire with anti-reflective treatment.This ceramic case give the replica watch an even stealthier look. There is darker hands and baton markers in its inner case.By the way,its inner case is with a mat black dial. If you have further questions about this Ice Bang II Replica watch, or any of the Hublot Ice Bang II Replica watches featured on this page please contact us. If you are looking for a roll'n'rock replica watch, then this Hublo Ice Bang II Replica watch should be on your list. Every detail in this replica watch is well finished. You can see a good polished case and cool dial. The dial looks handsome with its black plate and darker markers.What's more,the black lined rubber strasp is comfortable to wear. If you are going to a party,the Ice Bang II Replica watch is suitable for you. By the way, it is water resitantce to 100m.

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